In 2023, we want to restart Vegan Bamboo Bar, the vegan paradise in 2020 (Het Algemeen Dagblad). We expect that the coronavirus pandemic is over by then, inflation will slowly return to its previous level and that we are all accustomed to the new energy prices. In short, 2023 will be a beautiful year with plenty of golden opportunities and good intentions.

Are you also full of optimism? Check out our plans and invest in something incredible!

Team Vegan Bamboo Bar ☀️



High-quality vegan fast casual restaurant
Taste is the first priority at the Vegan Bamboo Bar, and then we focus on the health of our guests and the planet with high quality dishes at affordable prices. We are aiming to limit baking with refined oil (our burgers come from the oven), and most of our dishes are prepared by chefs using extra vierge olive oil and ingredients directly from the soil!


Burgersand Food Bar

We are proud to provide delicious and nutritious vegan dishes. Our fast casual burger restaurants offer four burgers with meat-replacement patties and four burgers with “wholefoods” patties. Our fast casual food bar restaurant has a selection of twelve warm dishes.


Saladsand Snacks

We serve delicious salads and snacks for everyone, including vegan chicken satay, croquettes, bitterballen, and falafel!


Pastries,Ice Cream, Coffee and Tea

During the afternoon hours, our guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with delicious vegan pastries. Additionally, we offer bubble milk tea and milkshakes!



We are convinced that eating healthily, will help to guard against chronic disease, except in the case of rare genetic conditions. It can be difficult to determine which foods are truly healthy and which are not, which is why we believe it is important to provide a Health Score for our dishes. Dishes with a score of 0-3 should be avoided as much as possible (eat less than once a month), while those with a score of 4-6 should be eaten in moderation, and score 7-10 in abundance. On our VBB Health Score page, we explain in details what these Health Scores entail.

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