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High-quality vegan fast casual restaurant
We are back, the vegan Walhalla from Utrecht (Dutch newspaper “Het Algemeen Dagblad”). We focus on the health of our guests and our planet by serving high-quality dishes at a low price level. We try to limit deep-fried snacks and frying with refined oil (our burgers come from the oven), and most of our dishes are prepared by chefs using olive oil and ingredients straight from the soil.

For the most up-to-date menu for delivery, you can check Deliveroo and Thuisbezorgd. Uber Eats will follow soon.



Burgersand warm vegan dishes

Our warm and rich vegan dishes are our strength. We offer eight burgers, and eight hot meals served in sustainable disposable packaging for takeaway and on plates to eat in.


Salads,poké bowls and sushi

Next to our menu-items, we also offer a self-service poke bowl and salad bar where our guests create their own meal.


Lounge,snacks, cakes and ice cream

For lunch, we offer a wide range of hot snacks, cakes, and ice creams. Our guests can lounge with us in the afternoon for high tea and pick the tea leaves themselves for the perfect cup.



Now open!
We are convinced that if you eat healthily, you will never contract a chronic disease in your life unless you have rare genes. However, it is very difficult to find out what is really healthy and what is not. Therefore, we think it is important to indicate how healthy our dishes are by means of a Health Score. It is best to avoid dishes with a score of 0 to 3 (eat less than once a month), dishes with score 4 to 6 can be eaten in moderation and score 7 to 10 abundantly. On the page VBB Health Score, we explain what this Health Score means in detail.


Stationsplein 85
Between the exit Utrecht Central Station and entrance shopping mall Hoog Catharijne

Opening hours

Day Hours
Monday till Sunday 12:00 till 22:00

For the hours when Burgers Burgers and Food Bar Warm Dishes are available please refer to the following page.

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